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My first day as a slave prostitute

It was a beautiful sunny day in May 2016 and I had two weeks of vacation ahead of me, which I wanted to use mainly to furnish my new home. I had just moved to another district in Zurich, or as they say, a new district. At first the bedroom was completely furnished and I Read More

A German in New York

There he sat in the luxurious hotel room in New York, waiting for the things that were to come. This trip did not make much business sense. The contract he had signed with the American partners in the afternoon could have been concluded by correspondence. The conditions had already been negotiated in advance by e-mail, Read More

You know my price

Leo mumbled to himself as he drove through the dark night, he usually only did that when he was nervous. He had just turned 18 years old and driving that piece of junk was not exactly fun. He never knew if the car would just suddenly gasp one last time and then just stop. “It’s Read More