Hiring gigolos and male escorts in Sydney is not a new concept; they’ve always existed for a long time. Some entertain the idea that the business of exchanging sensual pleasures for monetary rewards is as old as the concept of religion or even the earliest evidence of human culture

The Sumerians and the temple of Ishtar

The history of escort services dates back to the third millennium B.C when Mesopotamia was first inhabited by the Sumerians who worshipped a goddess called “Ishtar.” The Sumerians believed that the goddess was born a virgin every morning but changes into a “whore” every evening. The origin of the word “whore” in Indo-European root means desire.

Consequently, men who wanted to worship the goddess offered money and gifts to the priestess of Ishtar, and in return were given access to the bodies of the women in Ishtar’s service as a way of drawing close to the goddess. Women were the only ones privileged to serve in the temple of the goddess by virtue of their fertility. As the years went by, the temple became a centre for sexual knowledge as the priestesses became sex therapists while men thronged the temple to offer gifts to the goddess from whose temple the women came.

The courtesans of ancient Greece

Heading now to ancient Greece around the fourth B.C where prostitution was legal and socially acceptable, men had the freedom to choose between two options. The first type of sensual services allowed men to pay a woman and have her render her services behind closed doors while the second type of service involved more. The ladies were hired to entertain their guests with music, dance, poetry, and sensual pleasures, meaning they offered more than regular sex partners.

The rise of courtesans who are today’s VIP escorts

Over time, the practice became widespread and gave rise to many popular courtesans like Prynne who became remarkably wealthy in the 300s B.C. In ancient China, women were hired by Emperor Wu to keep the morale of his men up. The practice also spread into Rome where it was considered legal and a business activity that could be taxed.

Examples of famous courtesans in history include Agnes Sorel (mistress of King Charles VII of France), Jane Shore (mistress of King Edward IV of England) and Margaret Drummond (mistress to James IV of Scotland).

Escort services in the 21st century

Although escort services have always been used by men all through history, the tide has changed as there are now orts for women. These male escorts Sydney (also known as gigolos) typically appeal to women who desire fun with no strings attached, and they’re usually paid through their agency. The meeting could take place either in the customer’s house or in the escort’s house or even in a hotel room.

Sometimes, people request an escort for couples so they can try out their threesome fantasies with their partner. Alternatively, some women hire straight men escorts for a holiday or a business trip. The sum of it all is that escort services have been in existence long before now and that people can hire Sydney male escorts to have fun in the way they desire.