Andy Torres

straight male escort sydney


Straight Male Escort Sydney

If you want Andy to be your straight male escort in Sydney then then you please read his etiquette. These are basic points and rules that would be appreciated if you can abide by. If you have any questions or quires please feel free to get in touch and Andy will be more than happy to help


Who is this service available to?

 This service is for females and couples only. Services does not extend to  single males. 


How do you accept a deposit and payment?

 All bookings in advance will be required to pay a 10% deposit, any bookings which require air travel will require a 50% deposit. The remaining balance should be presented at the start of the booking in an envelope. 


Costs occurred during our time together

Any costs occurred during your time together should be should be fixed by the client this includes drinks, taxi, hotel.


I would like to ‘fly you to me’ how does this work?

If you are interested in flying Andy to see you then please send him a message with your booking type and requested date. If you booking gets accepted then you will be required to send credit to pay for flights and accommodation. Andy will sort this part of the booking and then you can arrange to meet here or your place of choice.



Safety is one of the most important things to Andy and his clients. Your personal info and confidentiality is a top priority. Safe sex is always practised. This is not negotiable.

Time / Cancellations / Extensions

It would be appreciated that you are on time for your booking and if you do happen to run a little late please let Andy know. Life happens to us all and Andy understands that, if you need to cancel your time together then this is not an issue. If you can give more than 48 hours notice Andy will be able to refund your booking in full if required. If you cancel under 48 hours then a refund will not be possible.Please be aware of your time together and when your time has finished, time over will run in 1 hour  allocations.


 Straight male escort Sydney

  Straight male escort Sydney 

  Straight male escort Sydney