My experiences in working as a male escort

Before I started working as a male escort in Sydney I knew nothing about the big wide world out there. I had never hired a female escort myself nor had I ever paid for any type of sexual service, so as you would assume this was all very new to me. I got into the industry through a side window if you may… I was asked if I would be interested in doing some topless waiter work through the gym. After much consideration I decided it wasn’t for me and turned down the offer. I didn’t like the idea of being centre of attention, it may seem strange to you now thinking where I have ended up but imagine talking to one person in a room then think how it would feel standing in the middle of a stage and talking to 500 people, catch my drift? Though i never took the offer it did get me thinking about how else I could use my body and curious mind…

Working as a male escort – Whats it really like?

As with anything in life us humans can be strange creatures at times, we always assume the worst case scenario and tend to imagine how bad something could be. Well to be honest I didn’t really, even though I was totally new to the whole scene I was open to what ever would come my way and I knew that no matter what happens I would have full control of my life and I could backup at any second. I soon come to learn that the industry is full of normal, sane and very interesting people. Being a male escort in Sydney, I was providing a top of the class service to women and couples who wanted to add a little spice to their love life. I was providing exactly what my customers wanted, a friendly, opened mind, easy going, fun and professional sex service when my clients wanted it. I never judged anyone, discriminated against anyone or treated anyone different from there circumstances, this is what it means to be a professional  in your job. In return I was paid very well, but not only that…. I was treated to the best hotels, first class food and drinks, i was treated with the upmost respect that I made genuine friendships with my clients 

Working as a male escort – Conclusion 

The job as a male escort is one that many guys can only dream about, they see the money escorts can make, they see you being flown around the world and earning up to 5,000 a day. The industry isn’t for everyone and im glad it is like this. It takes a special sort of person to be able to adapt instantly and make your clients feel instantly at ease, to be able to love people for who they are on the inside and not just what you see on the outside. To be able to listen, offer advice and be there for your clients when they need you most. This is what makes a professional male escort. I know I have these skills and the many emails, texts and phone calls is proof that I am making a difference in peoples lives and this is what makes me strive in my job

working as a male escort