The era where men were the only ones who could have multiple partners is long gone as women can now do the same. The stigma is gradually being eroded by the new generation and unacceptable things are gradually becoming the norm. Good examples of these things are escorts for couples who are looking to realise their threesome fantasy and escorts for women, especially career women with busy lives and little time for social activities. Joining the list is escorts for married women and here’s why the services are booming.

A dose of fresh passion

Women can also get bored of routine sex that they would like to have experience the heat of romance and all the excitement of sex. Frankly, it’s quite easy for anyone to get lost in the monotony and boredom of the bedroom. Married women who hire escorts usually have fantastic marriages and have no plans for divorce – the only problem is what happens underneath the sheet which is anything but satisfactory. Rather than have multiple partners to gratify their desire, they prefer to have to hire Sydney male escorts when they need such services.

Emotional connection

Sometimes, what a woman needs is emotionally companionship which tends to disappear in marriages as couples get busy. In such situations, the sexual activities are just an icing on the cake. While it’s possible that her partner is physically present, she might still be feeling emotionally disconnected and in need of some masculine connection. In a search for it, some women go for male escorts who can take control and lead her into pleasant guaranteed pleasant experiences –even outside the bedroom – in a respectful and self-confident manner. This might include going for events like dinner dates, business functions and even receiving a massage.


The privacy and safety

Although a married woman can get sexual satisfaction from a colleague at work, the guy next door, or a male friend, it’s very unlikely that she’d get the privacy she craves. Having a casual affair with someone close might lead to troubles of trying to keep everything discreet. A male escort, on the other hand, offers privacy and zero drama which lowers the risk of anyone finding out. A male escort doesn’t call to check on a client nor does he try to visit or do any of those things other guys will do. Being professionals, gigolos go about their day-to-day businesses and won’t speak with their clients for any reason.

The power and control

These women hire male escorts in relationships where they’re unable to make significant decisions tend to become frustrated over time, creating a desire to be heard and assert that they’re not docile. One of the many ways of doing this is by hiring a male escort which is a good way to exert power and affirm that they have it. They can determine where to go with their male escort as well as what they want since the escort has been paid for his services. This also includes women who want to take control of the intimate encounter from the beginning to the end. As a rule, Sydney male escorts serve at their client’s pleasure – for attention, companionship, control and sex.

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