Andy Torres

Sydney male escort

Sydney Male Escort

1. A cheeky home visit or last minute hotel engagement

Sitting at home on a quiet Tuesday or visiting for a weekend gateway and feel like hiring a Sydney male escort? You can book Andy to come and spend a few tantalising hours in your company, Andy is available to attend work functions and any gatherings you are in need of a +1. How about drinks on the sofa or getting straight down and intimate between the sheets?               

You decide!

  • 1 hr   400
  • 2 hrs  800
  • 3 hrs  1200 
  • 4 hrs  1,500  (Most popular)

2. Lets break the ice over dinner before ending the night with fireworks

What better way to get to know someone than over a fine wine and a romantic meal in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne… If you are someone who likes to take things slow then why not inquire about a dinner date, let us get to know each other through deep conversations and a cheeky dessert, this is a great way to relax and feel instantly at ease. After dinner we can go to your favourite bar or lookout before ending the night with the ultimate ecstasy.

  • 1 hr     400
  • 2 hrs   800
  • 3 hrs   1200
  • 4 hrs  1,500  (Most popular)


3. Cheeky Couples – The extra spice in your love life  (Female +1 available) 

If you are a cheeky couple looking for that extra spice in your love life then look no further than Mr Torres. With this being one of the most popular packages, Andy has much experience in spending time with couples and is the Sydney male escort you need to hire. What separates Andy from the rest is he understands the need for respect while delivering a fun and unforgettable experience. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your booking with Andy being comfortable and relaxed is the key. Sharing a few drinks over conversation is a great way for everyone to feel right at ease. As time goes on, things will get more intimate and the real fun will unfold.

  • 1 hr        600
  • 2 hrs     1200 (Most popular) 


4. An overnight extravaganza – The package you really need to book!!

If you are looking for a more in depth experience, a booking where we can really get down and deep then you need to book Andy for an over night stay. Lets start the evening at your place of choice, get to know each other over some wine and laughter. You could either cook him one of your favourites or we could progress into town and get more involved over a tasteful meal. The night is then for you to choose what path we take. Are you someone who would prefer to dance the night away to your favourite music or do you want to run a hot bath under romantic vibes and scented candles? The joys of booking an overnight extravaganza is that when the fireworks have finally ended, you can both get comfortable and snuggle down for the night, then wake up and do it all over again! Which ever path you do take, we can guarantee your night will be one to remember.

  • Ovenight – 3300

 5. The Queen Experience – Put on your Tiara and let me devote an entire 24hrs to you, let me show you how special you really are!
Are you not getting the attention you want in your life? Are you craving for someone one to be by your side to share love, laughter, intimacy and much much more. The queen experience is a new and very exciting package that has already proved it popularity. When hiring an escort the one thing which is in short supply is time. With this experience we can spend a 24hr period like a real couple, let me provide a complete boyfriend experience from the moment we wake to holding hands in the city, kissing under the city lights and cuddling while we sleep. This package is completely tailored to suits ones individual needs and desires. It is the experience guaranteed to make you feel good….it is the experience guaranteed to fulfil your wants and desires….it is the experience you need to book today

  •  24hrs – 5,000  /   Naughty weekend 8,000                                                                                                                          
    •  6. Fly him to you / Holidays- When you know what you really want

    Hiring an escort is a big deal, and it is equally important to find the right companion suited to your personality and needs. If you are not based in Sydney then not to worry…Andy is no stranger to being flown around Australia and international, he is a regular at the airports and have been requested in cities such as Dubai, Hong Kong and Toronto, flying to meet his lucky lady or couple. If you are interested in having Andy come join you on a holiday or to your local area  get you in touch with your booking request and he will get back to you with his availability.

    • Please contact for more details…