The demand for escorts for women has spiked in recent years, and it’s not due to the increase in many desperate women who need love in their lives. Instead, it’s because more women are having less time for romance and just want a hot, young hunk to satisfy their desires. Wondering why women hire male escorts when they can have most guys in no time?

Here are the top 6 reasons women hire male escorts Sydney:

Good Sex

It’s true that women can get sex whenever they want because there’s always someone around who will find the offer irresistible. The problem is that there’s the no guarantee that it will be good sex, meaning the performance is often below average. Many women can relate to the situation of having sex without orgasms which can really be frustrating. But the situation is different with gigolos because their aim is to please you since that’s exactly what you paid for.


People who have tried hook-ups from sites will admit that most people look nothing like the picture they put up on their profile. There also are countless stories of people who turn up badly dressed, drunk or with awful performances. The case is different when users hire Sydney male escorts because they turn up in time, are polite, look and smell good, and are able to dissolve the awkwardness of having sex with a stranger.


Sometimes, a woman just wants to be in control, and this doesn’t always happen, especially when it’s in a relationship where they have to fake it. Today’s women are bold about what they want as studies report that most women who hire male escorts Sydney take control of the session. When a woman is in control, she’s more likely to have orgasms and be satisfied.

Try out new things

We all have sexual fantasies, but women are generally reluctant to try out what they want because they fear that their partner might judge them. Since they can’t have it with their partner, they turn to gigolos to explore their fantasies and savour the experience. Other times, users hire escorts for couples for threesome which is way better than trying to talk a friend into joining the fun.


No strings attached

Much like men, women are not always interested in relationships and all the drama that comes with it. Even friends with benefits can turn out badly since men can also become clingy and may even request for kisses, cuddles, and dates. All of these can ruin the fun and make women feel bad if they decline. So instead of hooking up with a guy, many will rather choose escorts for women.


There have been many stories of several hook-ups that went wrong, from stalking to physical abuse and even more. The good news is that when you hire male escorts Sydney, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you rest assured your escort doesn’t have a violent past since they are professionals in in the business. In addition, the industry in small and all escorts have high reputations